Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands, the Spanish Islands of Eternal Spring. It is a natural wonder, boasting the majestic Mount Teide - a 3700 metres volcano home to Spain’s most visited National Park, beautiful beaches, steep rocky cliffs overseeing the Atlantic Ocean, and a laid-back vibe typical of the country’s southern regions.  In Tenerife, people go to the beach all year round, thanks to the perfect weather conditions and minimal chances of rain. If you are planning to leave the cold continental winter behind, the island of Tenerife is undoubtedly one of the best places for a 3-month apartment rental.

One of the biggest expats communities in Spain

Tenerife’s natural beauty, alongside the weather, lifestyle and gastronomy, are some of the reasons why the island grew rapidly in popularity among UK citizens, Germans, and even Italians. As a result, there is an ever-growing community of expats who choose to live in Tenerife for a few months a year, typically during the winter. Many of them fall in love with the place and decide to become permanent residents, contributing to the island’s economy with shops and businesses that cater specifically to their conational.  

People opting for a long-term let in Tenerife will be able to shop in British, Italian or even Russian supermarkets, eat delicious food from all over the world, meet and interact with a great number of like-minded spirits, often in their own language. There is a strong sense of internationality throughout the whole island. 

Long term rentals in Tenerife South

The south side of Tenerife, known as Los Cristianos and Las Americas, is by far the most popular – hence the most crowded. It is also the driest and warmest place on the island, as its microclimate is under the influence of the eastern winds that blow from the nearby Sahara Desert. Fully-furnished flats for mid and long-term rentals cost € 800 per month or more and, since tourism in Tenerife never stops, they are not subject to fluctuation in price between low and high season. The apartments tend to be walking distance from the stunning Los Cristianos, Las Vistas, and Las Americas’ beaches, famous for being among the few golden sand beaches on the Island. 

The north side

The north side, with the popular towns of Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava, tends to have higher chances of rain and a slightly colder climate, as it is influenced by the humid north-western winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. However, the beautiful lush vegetation, alongside the breath-taking coastline and the cheaper costs of accommodation of the north attracted a few well-established communities of British, German and Italian expats, with the British still being the largest community up to date. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to rent a property in Tenerife?
    Of all the our currently available listings in Tenerife, the rent range between €500 and €9,000 depending on location, size and facilities.
  • How many long term rental properties are available in Tenerife?
    We currently have 190 available rentals available. In these, we have 145 apartments and 27 villas and townhouses. Sign up for a search agent to receive new listings by email.
€795 90 sqm


Santiago Del Teide
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€1,200 70 sqm
€700 35 sqm

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€1,100 65 sqm


Los Cristianos

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