Come and Live in the Land of Exploration: Rent an Apartment or Villa in Portugal

    Whether you're a retiree, digital nomad, or just a globe trotter looking for your next adventure, Portugal is an excellent choice. This beautiful country, nestled on the westernmost edge of continental Europe, offers a great blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and, of course, delectable cuisine. And what better way to experience all these than by renting an apartment or villa in this charming country?

    Why Choose Portugal?

    Portugal is known for its warm, Mediterranean climate, making it a perfect choice for those who love the sun. The country's relaxed pace of life and low cost of living are other essential factors that add to its appeal. Moreover, Portugal has been ranked as one of the world's top places for expats to live, thanks to its high quality of life and safety standards.

    Navigating the Real Estate Scene

    When it comes to renting an apartment or villa in Portugal, you'll find a variety of options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. Whether you're looking for a modern apartment in Lisbon's bustling city center, a villa by the beach in the Algarve, or a traditional home in the charming northern region of Porto, you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

    One thing to keep in mind when looking for rentals is to consider the property's proximity to essential services like public transport, supermarkets, hospitals, and schools. Also, don't forget to check the condition of the property and understand the terms of your rental agreement before signing.

    Popular Areas to Live in Portugal

    Choosing where to live in Portugal largely depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Let's explore some of the best areas to consider:


    The capital city, Lisbon, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that's perfect for those who love urban living. The city is filled with historic sites, trendy cafes, and shops, and has an excellent public transportation system. Neighborhoods like Alfama and Bairro Alto are popular among expats and offer a range of rental options.


    If you prefer a slower pace of life, Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, is a great choice. Known for its port wine production, picturesque views of the Douro River, and stunning architecture, Porto offers a charming and relaxed lifestyle. Ribeira, the city's old town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular area to rent.

    The Algarve

    If you're a beach lover, the Algarve region in southern Portugal is the place to be. Renowned for its stunning coastline, golf courses, and warm weather, this area is a favorite among retirees. Towns like Lagos, Albufeira, and Faro offer a variety of rental options, from luxury villas to quaint cottages.

    Understanding the Rental Process

    While the rental process in Portugal is pretty straightforward, it's essential to understand some local norms. For instance, most rentals in Portugal come unfurnished. However, this often means that the property will lack appliances too, so factor this into your budget. It's also standard practice for tenants to pay a security deposit equivalent to one or two months' rent.

    Additionally, don't forget to check if utility bills are included in your rent or if you'll need to pay these separately. In Portugal, it's common for tenants to pay for utilities and condominium fees (if applicable) in addition to rent.

    Seek Local Assistance

    While it's possible to find and rent a property on your own, it can be helpful to seek assistance from a local real estate agent, especially if you're not fluent in Portuguese. They can guide you through the rental process, help negotiate the rental terms, and ensure you understand the rental agreement.

    Living in Portugal: A Dream Come True

    Living in Portugal can be a dream come true for many. With its affordable cost of living, welcoming locals, and beautiful landscapes, it's no wonder why so many people choose to call Portugal their home. So, why not take the leap and rent an apartment or villa here? You might just find your piece of paradise in this charming country.

    Frequently asked questions

    • How much does it cost to rent a property in Portugal?
      Of all the our currently available listings in Portugal, the rent range between €220 and €65,000 depending on location, size and facilities.
    • How many long term rental properties are available in Portugal?
      We currently have 3024 available rentals available. In these, we have 2344 apartments and 291 villas and townhouses. Sign up for a search agent to receive new listings by email.
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