On the far east side of Costa del Sol, in the province of Málaga, lies the enchanted Nerja, a picturesque Andalusian town with a population of only 22,000 residents. The word Nerja is an adaptation of the Arabic "narixa", which means “abundant spring”, or “abundant source”, referring to the natural richness and beauty of the surroundings. This natural abundance proved to be attractive since ancient times: the first humans occupied the cave system near Nerja during the stone age, leaving their legacy of cave art and paintings. In later times, the town became a Roman settlement and then a Moorish town until the XVI century when it was Christianised, following the arrival of the Spanish catholic kings in Málaga.

A lovely place for a winter rent

Today, Nerja sets itself as one of the best places in Spain to rent an apartment for the winter. The weather is semi-arid, which means blue skies almost all year round, mild winters with an average temperature of approximately 18°C; the local population is warm and welcoming; and there are already several expats who rent villas and apartments for long-terms in Nerja, escaping from the colder northern European countries. A popular and affordable way of finding accommodation in Nerja is through owners’ direct portals and websites, which put directly in contact the properties with the possible tenants. 

An inspiring town to live in

Nerja peaceful vibe and scenographic beauty inspired several expatriate writers and artists, such as French-born author André Launay and Scottish novelist Joan Lingard, alongside Spanish authors such as Federico García Lorca. The town’s beauty will not fail to inspire you as well, should you decide to choose Nerja for a long-term winter rental. For a breath-taking view on the Mediterranean Sea, visit the Balcón de Europa, a stunning panoramic viewpoint that didn’t fail to impress King Alfonso XII of Spain, who had visited Nerja at the end of the XIX century. 

Not to be missed in Nerja

If you plan to rent an apartment in Nerja, make sure to visit the region’s natural marvels, among which the caves, the Alhama Natural Park, the Chillar River, and the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Among the architectonical landmarks, make sure to visit the baroque church of El Salvador, dating back to the XVII century, and the Eagle Aqueduct with its imposing four-level arch architecture, built in the XIX century. 

Domande frequenti

  • Quanto costa affittare una proprietà a Nerja?
    Di tutti i nostri annunci attualmente disponibili in Nerja, l'affitto varia tra €550 e €2,833 a seconda della posizione, delle dimensioni e delle strutture.
  • Quante proprietà in affitto a lungo termine sono disponibili in Nerja?
    Al momento abbiamo 9 noleggi disponibili. In questi abbiamo 6 appartamenti e 3 ville e villette a schiera. Iscriviti a un agente di ricerca per ricevere nuove inserzioni via e-mail.