Discover the Magic of Renting a Villa or Apartment in Alacant/Alicante

    Ever dreamt of waking up to the sun's warm rays gently kissing your skin, with the Mediterranean's azure waves crashing in the distance? Well, the dream can become your reality when you rent a villa or apartment in Alacant, also known as Alicante.

    Alicante, a vibrant city nestled in Spain's Costa Blanca, has a unique charm that lures foreigners year-round. From the stunning beaches to the rich history and delicious local cuisine, there's a whole lot to love about this Mediterranean gem. And the best part? You can experience it all from the comfort of your rented villa or apartment.

    Alicante’s Neighbourhoods and What They Have to Offer

    One of the most exciting aspects of Alicante is its diverse neighbourhoods, each with its unique character and charm. Whether you're looking for a quiet area to raise a family, a lively district to experience local nightlife, or a beachfront location for a serene retreat, Alicante has got you covered.

    El Barrio

    El Barrio, also known as the Old Town, is the beating heart of Alicante. This neighbourhood is a maze of narrow streets lined with colourful houses, lively tapas bars, and historic architecture. Renting an apartment or villa here is perfect for history buffs and those looking to immerse themselves in Alicante's culture and nightlife.

    Playa de San Juan

    If your idea of a dream home involves waking up to the sight of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, then look no further than Playa de San Juan. This neighbourhood is famous for its stunning coastline and a plethora of water sports activities. It's an ideal location for beach lovers and families looking for a relaxed lifestyle.

    Ensanche Diputación

    For the cosmopolitan heart, Ensanche Diputación is the place to be. This modern neighbourhood is home to Alicante's main shopping district, filled with high-end shops, restaurants, and trendy cafes. Renting an apartment here means you'll have all the amenities you need right at your doorstep.

    Renting a Villa or Apartment in Alicante: What You Need to Know

    As a foreigner, renting a villa or apartment in Alicante can be an exciting prospect. However, it's essential to know a few things before diving into the rental market.

    Firstly, the rental prices in Alicante can vary significantly depending on the location, size of the property, and its amenities. Generally, properties located closer to the beach or city centre tend to be pricier. However, you can find affordable options in the city's outskirts.

    Secondly, it's customary in Alicante to pay a deposit of one to two months' rent upfront. This deposit is returned at the end of the lease, provided there are no damages to the property. It's also common to pay the rent monthly in advance.

    Lastly, while many property owners and real estate agents in Alicante speak English, having some basic Spanish skills can be beneficial in navigating the rental process.

    Experience the Local Lifestyle

    One of the biggest perks of renting a villa or apartment in Alicante is the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle. Alicante is a city of fiestas, and as a resident, you'll get to participate in colourful local events like the Bonfires of Saint John and the Moors and Christians Festival. Not to mention, you'll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in the local delicacy, Paella Alicante, made with local rice, fish, and seafood.

    Moreover, Alicante has a rich cultural scene, with several museums, art galleries, and theatres that regularly host events and exhibitions. The Santa Bárbara Castle, perched on top of Mount Benacantil, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and is a must-visit.

    Final Thoughts

    Renting a villa or apartment in Alicante offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle. The city's diverse neighbourhoods cater to a variety of lifestyles, so whether you're a beach lover, a history enthusiast, or a shopaholic, Alicante has a place for you. So why wait? Start planning your Alicante adventure today!

    Frequently asked questions

    • How much does it cost to rent a property in Alacant / Alicante?
      Of all the our currently available listings in Alacant / Alicante, the rent range between €430 and €15.000 depending on location, size and facilities.
    • How many long term rental properties are available in Alacant / Alicante?
      We currently have 212 available rentals available. In these, we have 159 apartments and 50 villas and townhouses. Sign up for a search agent to receive new listings by email.

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