• 40 Sq. m.
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathrooms

Property description


Brand new 1 bedroom Studio in Catral. This fantastic Ground floor studio, is fully furnished and ready to move in to. Within easy walking distance to Shops, 4 Supermarkets, Bars and Restaurants, this is a perfect property for one or 2 people.

Catral is a small town located in the Vega Baja district of the province of Alicante, Spain, its municiple district covers and area of about 20 km2 and it has a population of 6,642 (2005 Census).

Catral is situated on the CV-905 just north of the town of Almoradi, it can easily be reached from the AP-7 motorway and is within about 20 minutes drive of Alicante airport and around 40 minutes from Murcia (San Javier) airport. Catral is about 10 km from the beaches of Guardamar del Segura..

The name of the town is said to be derived from the Moorish 'Al-Quatrullat', other theories suggest that it comes from the latin for 'fortified villa' (Castrum Altum) or maybe even from the Iberian meaning 'Karl Turl' (Double Summit) referring to the Cabezos de Albatera. Either way the history of Catral certainly goes back to the Arab occupation (8th to 13th centuries) and when the Moors were subsequently defeated by Alphonso of Castille in 1255, it came under the Kingdom of Castille. Later the same century in 1296 control changed once again and control of Catral passed to the Kingdom of Aragon under the auspices of Orihuela.

Over the centuries Catral has been primarily an agricultural area, with important crops being citrus fruits, olives, artichokes and cereals, there was also some cattle farming and some light industry.


Property Features

  • Swimming Pool